CORE 4 - Bio-Reactor - Titanium

The Core 4 Stove is an efficient wood gas stove for general use in either three or four sided mode. Cook for a group or just yourself. Weighs only 8.7 oz!
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The CORE 4 Stove

The CORE 4 is a wood burning, wood gas stove designed for backpacking, camping and emergency use. It weighs only 8.7 oz!

  • It allows you to cook a meal or boil water with just a handful of twigs.
  • It's fuel is free and you don't have to pack it :)
  • It packs flat! Unlike a can type stove, @ 6in x 6in x 1/8 in thick you almost don't know you have it, until you need it.
  • It's tough and dependable!
  • It can be used in single walled or double walled woodgas mode to burn the smoke.
  • It's made in the U.S.A from almost indestructible Titanium
  • It only weighs 8.7 oz with 3 afterburners!
  • Turn the Core 4 into a Core 3 Ultralight at only 4.4 oz!
  • PLEASE NOTE: The entire kit weight *including the triangle burn plate and bag* is 10 oz

How it works

The CORE 4 can be used in single walled mode using only its four side panels or in double walled woodgas mode by installing the included afterburner plates.  The afterburner plates direct superheated air into the stoves exhaust port to burn the smoke like other popular woodgas can type stoves for a cleaner burn. It focuses every bit of heat into your pot and accepts big sticks to help keep a consistently hot fire. The front panel doesn’t have large draft vents at the top so that you can face it into the wind to prevent the wind from blowing the heat out from under your pot and to keep the flames away from your pot handles. The side ports are designed to hold metal strips so you can control the burn rate or block the wind. With the use of 4 afterburner plates, the stove will burn in Top-Lit Updraft (TLUD) woodgas mode, like a torch, for about an hour if packed with wood or wood pellets. The slots on the sides of the fuel port are to accept the rocket port and the slot just above the fuel port is for a door, available separately or you can make one yourself :) Every piece fits onto a carabiner and replacement and upgrade parts are available online.

Why the Core 4

  • The Core 4 stove is tough, dependable, efficient, flexible, and its packed with useful features.
  • Unlike ultralight can type stoves, if you accidentally step on it or crush it, you're not screwed. Just flatten the parts, assemble and use.
  • It's space efficient. Where most woodgas stoves are packed in your eating cup, with trail spice, ashes and soot; the Core design packs flat and allows you to pack the stove, low, flat against your back where you almost don't know you're packing it.
  • Individual upgrade and replacement parts are available online at affordable prices.
  • Its flexible.
    • Use it with or without the afterburners.
    • Use it as an alcohol stove wind shield.
    • Turn it into a Core 3 with the included triangle burn plate.
    • Add a half rocket or full rocket port for better draft performance.
  • It has a wide stance for stability

CORE 4 Standard comes complete with:

  • 1 Front Panel
  • 3 Side Panels
  • 3 Afterburner Plates
  • 1 TLUD Plate
  • 1 Square Perforated Burn Plate
  • 1 Triangle Perforated Burn Plate (so you can make a Core 3)
  • 1 Door
  • Stove Bag Included

The stove bag is *strong* waterproof coated nylon pack-cloth


Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that's made review video's of their Core stoves!

Igniting a Core Ti 4 wood stove using Flint and Steel. by MegaWoodswalker

MSP Core 4 stove field test. by MegaWoodswalker

Igniting a Core 4 Ti Stove with a Sock and Can. by MegaWoodswalker

MSP Core 4 wood burning gasifier stove, first look, by Oliver from Wild Stove

2016 Core 4 Bio-Reactor Ultimate in action by Tae ho Kim!

2016 Core 4 Bio-Reactor Ultimate using Wood Pellets by Silver Birch Outdoors

<<< More videos Here >>>

Assembly Instructions

Core 4 Bio-Reactor Gen I Assembly Instructions PDF

Core 4 Bio-Reactor Gen II Assembly Instructions PDF

Compatable Alcohol Stoves


Products specifications
Assembled Stove Weight8.7 oz
Total Kit Weight (Including Bag)10 oz
Top Opening Width3.9 in x 3.9 in (Square)
Height6 inches
Bottom Opening Width5.2 in x 5.2 in (Square)
Top Widest Width4.5 in x 4.5 in (at tabs)
Bottom Widest Width5.7 in x 5.7 in (at tabs)
Fuel Port Plates1
Side Plates3
Stove DoorYes
TLUD PlateYes
Afterburner Plates3
Rocket PortNo
Triangle Burn PlateYes
Heat Shield PlateNo
GrillNot Included
Stove BagYes
Recomended ForSmall Group Camping, High Power, Any Weather
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