CORE 4 - Bio-Reactor Ultimate - Titanium

Core 4 Ultimate Titanium comes with everything you need for just about any use condition. Assembled stove weighs only 11.7 oz
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Core 4 Ultimate Titanium comes with everything necessary to convert it into Rocket or TLUD mode. It also comes with a Triangle Burn Plate so that it can be used as a Core 3. Assembled with the rocket port, the *stove itself*, without the door, weighs only  11.7 oz. (see below for details)

For more details about the stove see: HOW IT WORKS

The Core 4 Ultimate kit includes;

  • 1 Front Panel
  • 3 Side Panels
  • 3 Afterburners
  • 1 Square Perforated Burn Plate
  • 1 Triangle Perforated Burn Plate
  • 1 Square Bottom Heat Shield Plate
  • 1 TLUD Plate
  • 1 Rocket Port
  • 1 Grill (Core Standard Grill OR SHTF Grill) 
  • 1 Door
  • 1 Stove Bag

The stove bag is waterproof coated nylon pack-cloth and can be used to carry water or as a mini wash/rinse station.


Top - 4 in x 4 in (across at widest point)

Bottom – 5.7 in x 5.7 in (across at widest point)

Height - 6 inches

Weight - 11.7 oz

Please note:
The weight of the assembled stove with the following parts is 11.7 oz:  One front panel, three side panels, perforated square burn plate, three afterburners, TLUD plate, rocket port, bottom square heat shield/griddle. If the optional grill is added the entire assembled stove weights 12.6 oz. The *entire kit* including the bag, door, fourth afterburner and triangle burn plate weighs 14.7 oz.

SHTF Grill

Core Standard Grill (easier to clean)

Size Comparison: Core 4, Core Recon (center), Core M4


Just want to say THANK YOU to everyone that's made review video's of their Core stoves!

Igniting a Core Ti 4 wood stove using Flint and Steel. by MegaWoodswalker

MSP Core 4 stove field test. by MegaWoodswalker

MSP Core 4 wood burning gasifier stove, first look, by Oliver from Wild Stove

2016 Core 4 Bio-Reactor Ultimate in action by Tae ho Kim!

2016 Core 4 Bio-Reactor Ultimate using Wood Pellets by Silver Birch Outdoors

<<< More videos Here >>>

Assembly Instructions

Core 4 Bio-Reactor Gen I Assembly Instructions PDF

Core 4 Bio-Reactor Gen II Assembly Instructions PDF

Compatable Alcohol Stoves


Products specifications
Assembled Stove Weight11.7 oz
Total Kit Weight (Including Bag)14.7 oz
Top Opening Width3.9 in x 3.9 in (Square)
Height6 inches
Bottom Opening Width5.2 in x 5.2 in (Square)
Top Widest Width4.5 in x 4.5 in (at tabs)
Bottom Widest Width5.7 in x 5.7 in (at tabs)
Fuel Port Plates1
Side Plates3
Stove DoorYes
TLUD PlateYes
Afterburner Plates4
Rocket PortYes
Triangle Burn PlateYes
Heat Shield PlateYes
Stove BagYes
Recomended ForSmall Group Camping, High Power, Any Weather
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