Rocket Port - Complete - Titanium

The Rocket Port installs into the fuel port on any Core 3, M4, 4, 5 or Recon stove and improves the stoves performance.
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The Rocket Port installs into the fuel port plate on any Core stove and greatly increases its performance and makes managing its fuel and flame creep much easier.

The Rocket Port improves performance by:

  • Increasing the draft length of the stove.
  • Prevents flames from creeping out the front of the stove Directs any heat that would normally escape the fuel port, back into the burn chamber
  • Expands the burn chamber size allowing some fuel to be burned inside the Rocket Port.

When assembled:

  • The hooks on the side plates should be facing down.
  • The top panel has a small tab on it that should snap *into* the mouth of the stove to keep it secure.

When the Rocket Port is assembled, slide the side hooks into the slots on the side of the stoves fuel port, press down until the hooks are completely seated and push the top plate down slightly until the tab snaps into the fuel port mouth.

To remove the Rocket Port, press the front of the stove inward slightly near the rocket port and the tab will pop out of the mouth of the stove. Then slide the Rocket Port up and out to remove.

*Fits the Core 5, Core 4 , Core Recon and Core M4 stove.

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